Jun 29, 2009

Jun 21, 2009

True Happiness

Finding True Happiness in the midst of True Pain is one of the greatest accomplishments I think we could ever achieve in our life. While I was in Uganda, the smiles seemed to never cease, there was one on every face. The faces of children that have seen images and experienced things that I really can't even begin to understand. I learned through example, through words, gestures and their indefinite smiles and laughter that true joy can be found in true trials with the help of Heavenly Father and our surrounding loved ones whoever they may be. This is my friend Willy and his friend, who he values as much as his own brother because each other- that's all they've got. And it's really all that we have too.

Jun 1, 2009

Spermophilus variegatus

^ Here's the Family Album ... can you see all four of them they are there! You might have to click on it to find them all^

Spanky getting a little too comfortable

Two more days until I leave to Uganda! I can't believe it's already here it felt like the time would never come. Anyway we have a family of squirrels living right outside my door! There are four little baby rock squirrels..ya I'm kind of a nerd I sat here and watched them forever, I started straying from my duties and was researching what species they could be and found out that these rock squirrels are native to Utah and yep..they live in the rocks outside my window. I put out some of their favorite food -Almonds and Oranges and they loved it..but not as much as I loved watching them. Colton, Gage and I were making up stories and talking for them ha ha it was a good time. Squirrel watching rules.