Apr 26, 2009

Invisible Children Peace Walk

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi
Yesterday was a crazy day! I have the amazing opportunity to go to Uganda this summer to help with a soccer camp and clinic with my High School soccer team. The program is called "Goals for Girls", there are even some BYU students making a documentary about it! You can find more info about the trip and what were doing at Goalsforgirls.blogspot.com and GoalsforGirls.org I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity I can hardly express it! So there was a Peace rally in Salt Lake City put on by the Invisible Children Foundation to raise awareness about these Invisible child soldiers that are abducted on almost a daily bases in Uganda to fight for an evil leader named Joseph Koney. What a bad man. Me and over 1,000 others "abducted" ourselves and walked, all connected to a rope for three miles to a destination where we stayed until we were "rescued." In order to be rescued we had to have 2 or more press releases or media coverage out to cover the story and at least one political "mogal" to address the crowd. We also wrote letters to our state representatives and Governor and made art to raise awareness. We had an amazing response, Fox, ABC, KSL channel 5 the Salt Lake Tribune and Daily Herald all covered the story!! It was a great experience.

Apr 10, 2009


I was dropped off at 7/11 today. I waited and waited and no one came for me. I had all my laundry and my backpack and a canvas that leaned on the side of my laundry and my purse. My hair was gross because we just got done with practice 3 hours previous so I put my hood on. I sat down against the wall of 7/11. After 20 minutes I put a small cardboard box in front of me. Someone threw a bunch of change in. I said "thanks"
true story

Apr 7, 2009


Tonight I heard Taking Back Sunday "A Decade Under the Influence" on this little radio station and it made me so happy. I forgot about them..it was on my 9th grade mix called "sweet"- track 13 haha. I remembered every lyric which was so weird for me I was laughing to myself while singing it like..how do i remember this its been years since I last heard it. Funny how your brain can remember a bunch of random insignificant things like thousands of artist's names, song titles and lyrics but not important stuff like math equations and peoples names.

What is this?

The glue gun sculpture I made during the "179th annual" general conference. I was covering a journal with it then it blobbed on the table then I started adding to it then I crushed up different color crayon in plastic bags and melted those in then my roomate Hads walked in and asked what I was creating "oh..this. It's just a glue gun statue.." she just looked at me in silence and walked away. haha fun times.

Apr 5, 2009

Shout out to the fam

So...I have the best family on the earth. I feel like I have been really really blessed in that area of my life. Growing up, all of my extended and immediate family on both sides have been like one giant family to me. It's more like I have 10 moms and dads, about 22 brothers and 30 sisters. Every one of them is so caring and add a whole lot to my life spiritually and emotionally- they all help me grow and move forward in a positive direction, not one of them hold me back or have a negative influence upon my life, I learn and gain a lot from them whenever I'm around them. My "PapaBob" and "MaBev" came to see me play in our scrimmage today against Westminster and since I am currently and proudly in the starting position left bench, they only saw me play for the last 15 minutes of the half they were there for. haha- I love them so much! My mom calls me almost every night and has been writing me letters every day for about two months now, I always feel strengthened and comforted after every letter and conversation. I write about how wonderful and greatful I am to have the famdam that I do all the time in my journal but I had to give a public shout out today. I love you all

Apr 4, 2009

The New List

This is my USB plant pod that got for Christmas. For those that don't know I'm a huge science fan, especially biology. Not the way way nerdy kind but I like to learn about it and I enjoy reading Popular Science Magazine, I've been getting it since 8th grade. Anyway I had a dream about the pod last night. Ya, about a plant pod. the seeds that came with it never germinated so I bought new ones three days ago and they are already starting to sprout! My dream was that when I emptied out the soil to replace the seeds, there were actually roots growing out of the old seeds I pulled out. The horror felt so life-like, I was so bummed about it in my dream. In honor of this dream I've decided to make a new list. Kind of like the "you know you're a red neck when.." but my list is:

You know your life is pathetic when:
  1. the extent of your dreams = growing plants in a computer powered plant pod.
  2. you live in Cedar City
  3. Friday night sitting around the bar, "want a nutty bar" - nuff said
  4. conversations of drama from "The Real World" replace the void of dramatic conversations in your own life.
  5. screwing up once in practice can ruin your whole day... because OUR LIVES REVOLVE AROUND SOCCER. eat, sleep, soccer and school if were up to it ha ;)
  6. I'll add to the list as I realize more pathetic events- but I'm liking the list so far haha