Dec 10, 2009

Something about Infomercials

I turned on the t.v after a long day. There is a title I always see on our tevo guide while flipping through the channel list that says "sculpt abs in bed." Curiosity got the best of me, I clicked on it and I was immediatley roped in. Minute by minute I slowly came around to the idea that wearing the Contour ab sculpting belt might actually work. It was only 14.99 for a three week free trial and shipping was free if you called in the next 20 minutes. This thing looked so legit. You even got a free travel carrier backpack HELLO! I know so many facts about it I could probably easily sell it to you. I thought long and hard about calling, felt retarded then quickly wrote the number on my hand before the next infomercial started. I decided to do a little research about it. Turns out it actually does what it says except it doesn't burn calories, just sculpts and tightens up the muscle you already have. But jeeze that works for me. I didn't call. I confessed my near splurge (the buying price is 200.00) to my friend and she in return shared a story about her own near purchase. She actually called, it was a special oven/microwave, cooked out all the fat, was energy efficient, came with a bunch of free stuff. She ordered it to give it to her mom for Christmas. She broke down out of excitement or guilt and told her mom about it, realizing how much she had spent, her mom made her cancle the charge. I still think the Contour belt is amazing and she who must not be named is still sold on the new-wave oven. She sold me on it too. The last thing I wanted to buy from an infomercial was in January of 08- the "swivel sweeper" because my roommates were messy and the thing worked so well. One day when I'm brave enough I'm going to buy them. This post felt like maybe I should have written to post secret instead. Now everyone knows I'm a sucker for a good infomercial. But you know you've felt the urge.


  1. I love the magic bullet infomercials, or the knife ones where they cut all sorts of things with really sharp knives. I've felt the urge many times, many times indeed.

  2. the one where the little asian man in a chef's hat throws the knife into the counter and then drops a tomato onto it from three feet it above and it slices clean in half.

    nothing, and i repeat NOTHING, beats the shamWOW though. i think my capitalization in this sentance speaks volumes about how i feel about this product...