Nov 2, 2009

Yo Yo's

Yo-Yo's are awesome. Do you even have to ask if they're cool? no. you don't. Yo-Yo's solidify the phrase "it's all in the name" it's like, yo! look at this yo-yo. Things are always better when you say them twice..some phrases take on a whole new meaning. But also, you must be very careful when doubling phrases because if you repeat something like "everything will be fine" it's like wait....why did you just say that twice, were you lying the first time, are you saying it again to reassure- once for me- once for yourself? That sort of monotony scares me.
I think each time you say a word back to back it builds intensity into that word. Even though it's essentially the same word repeated over and over, with each re-utterance the word grows stronger and means a lot more than it did the first time. Like if you say jump. The first time its like what? the second time is like why? by the third jump it's like alright fine I'll jump...but by the fourth JUMP! you know it's no joke. The fifth jump usually comes out with a string of profanities JUMP!! YOU IMBECILE DON'T YOU SEE THAT ROPE HEADING RIGHT FOR YOUR FEET!?!?!
ha. . .oh jump-rope how I miss you.

P.S. BEWARE OF SINGLE WORDS REPEATED THAT ARE NOT VERBS OR YOUR NAME. for example if someone were to shout toe. toe. toe. TOE TOE! You could have just come across a severed phalange. Awkward awkward awkward awkward awkward. wow uummm that must have just been a really awkward situation. can't help you there. It's fun to think of words to repeat then come up with stories behind it the possibilities are endless and i had fun just barely.

The Whirligig (first U.S. yo-yo patent)

The Whirligig (first U.S. yo-yo patent).

James L. Haven and Charles Hettrich patented the first yo-yo in 1866 (U.S. Patent 59,745 ), under the name whirligig.

Cool Fact: Did you know that the word BOOKKEEPER is the ONLY word in the English language that has double letters back to back to back. ya, that's real.

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  1. loved this post more than my first child. you take the cake. love you to death.