Feb 28, 2009

It's an InconveinieNieEence to spell inconvenience

So this sign was on the credit card machine when we went to D.I.tonight. Emily, Elyse and I went to go see if they had roller skates so I could finally join their roller derby. I found the sign funny because 1) its D.I.-it's associated with uneducated homeless people 2) I though it was cute that whoever made the sign realized it looked wrong and tried to fix it by squeezing the "I" in, but they were still wrong, so some kind soul took the time to help them out 3)It made me ponder the length, spelling and meaning of the word inconvenience. It is such an inconvenient word like how many Es and Is? where does the E go? When do the Is stop? Why is the word inconvenient so "inconvienient"? I know I'm not the first to discover this phenomena but if I were someone who didn't know for sure how to spell inconvenient i would just put BROKEN, sorry. Or vice-versa but then I might also to be too dumb to rule that out. Obviously this sign is trying to be educated, professional, and polite but fails horribly because of that one little mistake.
It reminds me of this really good looking guy I saw walking down the sidewalk, he was so smooth. But he tripped on a pebble, edge of the sidewalk whatever and it defeated his whole image. But hey, I guess the lesson learned from all of this is small things can make a big difference and mistakes are humbling and also make life interesting...haha they just plain make you laugh out loud sometimes.

Feb 27, 2009

Aunt Robins Winning Drill Rutine! 1/31/09

Last time I went home I went to watch my aunts three time state champ drill team (Uinta HS) preform their prop routine. I was amazed at her creativity, she comes up with the most unique ideas! I still remember going to watch one of the sate performances when I was little- she found these huge a/c ventilator things on a construction site I think while an office building was being built- they looked like giant silver slinkys or accordions that you could fit inside, the girls came out in them and did this slinky dance...wait ha that sounds funny but they were inside of these huge silver tubes it was crazy, no one had ever seen anything like that before with a prop dance. I was so proud, I know she works super hard-shes such a fun, amazing person and dancer, one those people that makes me believe it's still possible to be older but not lose the "edge". She is hip, creative and just free. Love you aunt Rube! Congrats on the win.
P.S. My camera is funny it cuts out on the audio every time I zoom..annoying.

Feb 18, 2009


The Freshman (minus 3) waiting to get taped for a Halloween practice. I love these girls!
From Left: Juddy, Riley, Hadley, Me, Stacey, Nikki

Feb 16, 2009

Things I learned today

  1. Never watch film of your home security camera for family night. "Hey that's not the milk man.. Kendel?! Sneaking out." BANG BANG I'm creepin right across the screen WOW
  2. Never go 97 in a 75. scratch that. never get caught going 97 in a 75
  3. Always make sure needle in gas gauge is above half F (not half E...pessimists :)
  4. Always leave with plenty of time to drive 3 hours back to college for soccer practice
  5. Talk to Kelsea Park when your day is not going so hot... she always seems to help. thanks Kels.

Yay! A Blog Is Born

Hi! I created this blog for my CSIS computer class but hope to use it more as I learn more about it

Web 2.0 - What does it really mean?

click me to watch an incredibly interesting video about hyperlink text and the world of blogs.

This video demonstrates the incredible versatility of hypertext and blogs.. a new blog created every second?! what?! Simply amazing.